Having a successful rental property requires a lot of time, effort, experience and knowledge. We would like to take away the burden of managing your own property, but not take away your control. As with any successful business we are dedicated to earning your trust and respect.  

We are proud to offer the most complete and professional property management services available today. Our main goal is to protect and maximize the potential of your investment property and we provide all the services you need to make and keep your income property a success.

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我们为我们租的每一处房产感到自豪, and will make sure each property is ready for the market within the earliest possible time frame and quality tenancy is there for your satisfaction. 我们是一家100%专注于三大网赌正规平台的公司, 不要寻找买家或卖家, 只有业主想出租他们的房地产投资. Listed below are a few reasons why our company is outstanding in our professionalism.

  • 我们独特的品质

    • One of a very few companies in 地平线 that are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
    • Both Dale and Lisa have acquired their TRLS (Texas Residential Leasing Specialist) and TRPM (Texas Residential 三大网赌正规平台) designations
    • 基于一线云的顶级三大网赌正规平台软件
    • Centrally located office for easy access to any part of 地平线 as well as vendors and showing specialists in various parts of the city
    • Percentage based commission depending on what your home will rent for and where it's located
    • Complete online application process that checks credit score with full credit report, 犯罪背景, 性侵犯者的地位, 工作经历, 租赁历史和驱逐历史
    • 每月,简单明了的发票以电子邮件的形式发给您 .pdf文件. End of year statement with all totals emailed to you in January with a 1099 misc.
    • 专业和免费拍摄的营销照片的所有财产
    • Aggressive marketing throughout the internet including all military friendly websites
    • We pay all finder’s fees to other REALTORS who bring us an applicant ready to sign a lease
    • 租户用现金支付租金的能力, E-bill, 反复出现的分配, 在线交易, 通过电话,24小时待命
    • 24/7 service calls with super low repair costs by select vendors specializing in their expertise
    • Rents always paid out around the 12th of every month sent directly to your bank account, 没有检查, 没有邮件, 不用去银行
    • Most importantly, we don't charge owners any fees; no service fees, no leasing fees, no renewal fees. 我们按租金付房租, 当业主得到租金时,我们得到报酬, 当业主得到按比例分配的租金时, 我们可按比例收取佣金, 除非老板赚钱,否则我们是赚不到钱的
    • 我们是一家以客户满意为导向的公司,而不是以价格为导向的公司!
  • 费用

    我们的收费是最低的!!!, 不仅我们的月费低, 没有额外的费用, 当你拿到工资的时候, 我们拿到了工资,这只是我们声明的百分比. 我们不收附加费, 我们不收租赁费, 我们不收广告费, 我们不收取租客入住物业的费用. 我们迎合我们的个人业主/投资者.

  • 广告

    我们是最好的在线广告之一,如果不是最好的, we do heavy advertising on almost every internet based rental search site available. 我们还大力推销军方自己的房屋发现者. The bulk of advertising today is done through advertising all over the internet, most of these sites are free and when our company can find a tenant through this avenue it is completely free to the owner.

  • 租户筛选

    We do our best to make sure that the tenant selected will take care of your home and pay the rent on time. 我们会在入住前对每位潜在租户进行筛选. 我们不仅对每个人进行了全面的背景调查, 专门检查以前的驱逐, 我们还会检查过去的房东,在入住前核实雇佣情况. We will run a full credit report on the head of household and go over the applicant’s trade lines and any problems with the credit as well as the applicant’s credit score. Experience shows that it is more important to be selective in choosing a tenant. In the long run you benefit because your tenant will probably stay longer and take better care of your investment.

  • 进进出出检查

    每个单元在新房客搬进来之前都要进行检查. 需要进行的小维修都记录下来,并及时完成, 也注意到任何现存的正常磨损. 当租客搬出时,另一项检查也完成了. Any repairs deemed to be the occupant's responsibility are completed and deducted from the tenant's security deposit. The property is then cleaned and painted, if necessary and made ready for the next renter.

  • 租金

    租户 are informed the rent is due on the first of the month and delinquent after the third day. We make every reasonable attempt to cooperate with a good occupant to insure rental payment. 我们还为租客提供各种可能的支付方式, 通过缴费方式, 分配, 银行本票, 汇款单, 在线哦, 电话哦, online debit or credit or simply walking into our office during working hours. 一个居住者是否应该在每月的第七天成为违法者, a 72 hour eviction notice would be given and turned in to the local Justice of the Peace according to Texas State Law.

  • 维修

    We offer the flexibility of using your choice of professionals or to use our licensed, 保税和保险团队被选中负责响应, 工作质量及 成本效率. 紧急情况是24小时处理的, and we may be contacted for any other problems during and after our normal working hours. 三大网赌正规平台 have a choice of handling repairs themselves or using any of the contractors they choose. If they have no preference we can suggest many skillful and licensed contractors to handle all your maintenance needs.

  • 金融服务

    Computer generated easy to understand monthly financial statements are prepared each month for you. Our services can include paying the monthly expense invoices for your property, if you choose us to. This can include mortgage payment, insurance payments, homeowner dues, real estate taxes etc. 这些款项是从收取的租金中扣除的.

  • 驱逐援助

    驱逐是否有必要, we can handle all the aspects of the court proceedings including tenant removal by a constable, 驱逐程序没有额外的费用, 只向业主收取法庭申请费.




地平线城是德克萨斯州的一个小镇,人口刚刚超过1.9万. 地平线城位于埃尔帕索县. Living in 地平线 City offers residents a suburban feel and most residents own their homes. 许多家庭和年轻的专业人士居住在地平线城. 从历史遗迹到文化景点, 探索地平线城所有其他当地景点的详尽列表.